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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A series of medical checks have occupied me everyday since my move from Tokyo to my home town in the beginning of this week. From 8 o'clock to the evening, I stand in a queue in a hospital of a medical school. It is a bid far away from my home; I book a taxi to go there every morning. Now I cannot walk in a long distance. Even just a quick walk is very difficult to me. Today, I feel very bad on the heart all the day from the morning to the evening.

All I can do now is to read Bible and pray before my Crucifix in the dining room, which I asked a father at Westminster Cathedral to give a blessing to last month before coming back here to Japan. I happened to find out my old Bible for children which my mother gave me when I was eight years old. That is a very beautiful book with colorful illustrations. Bible I always read with me is much older; it was published in 1974. A very last illustration of a map shows a route of evangelism. When I entered a school, I gazed at this map and had a wish to visit those places which our Lord walked and breezed on. He has given me many gifts among which He has shown His mercy. He fulfilled my wish to see Him and His lands.

Finally, Jesus Christ accepts my wish to be close to Him. This heart attack is the greatest gift from Him that allows me to listen to His words through pray. I thank God the almighty and praise His greatness and love to me.

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