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The Hon. Dr. Hideyasu M. R. "Hide" Sasaki is a computer scientist working in Gov't of Japan for Big Data Initiative and Catholic lawyer admitted to practice in New York, the United States.

Friday, May 25, 2018

President Trump canceled the planned summit with DPRK's Kim in June in Singapore just now. This is one of his wise decisions that are not so many on him. These two months that have passed since this March gave Kim to complete his ICBM project. Meanwhile, President negotiated him to free three Americans from captivity. This is a good deal at least from negotiations with that demoniac state. A bad news is that President's letter sounds like an ultimatum that is just a step before air bombing whether it is strategic or with nuclear weapons. Maybe time is not left for the next step.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Our community is in crisis. Last May I found an around seventy-years-old guy streaking on a back street early in the afternoon. Today I caught an around eighty-years-old thief guy on the same backstreet late in the afternoon. I visited two houses that the crook creeped in with a cop, though house owners didn't respond to our calling. They stayed inside the houses at the time; we checked it. Their neighbors told us that those two persons had never have any connections with others for these five to six years. What is going on there? Those two are around the middle age according to the neighbors. What are they do daily? Anyway we have lost any clue to approach them.

Old crooks, middle age retreats a.k.a. "Hikikomori", ... ... This is the reality of the modern Tokyo's urban community. We might see a day on which we should find a body in those houses next May ... ...

Saturday, May 19, 2018

It is windy today after a couple of very hot and wet days in Tokyo Area. It is still May, but you feel like in the mid July. I found some buds of Conandron ramondioides Siebold et Zucc. in my north yard, that is expected to bloom around July usually. Last year it was too hot for them to have flowers. This extreme weather might be good to summer flowers in Tokyo.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The weather goes back to normal this weekend! Not so hot and mild breezing touches green leaves. What a marvelous day it is after cold rainy days!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

These three days are extremely unusual spring weather in Tokyo area. Some days are hot like mid summer and other days are chilly and rainy like late winter. Tokyo weather report agency reports this kind of cold May weather goes back to the record of the years of 1993 and 2008. Those two years have a common feature in Japan: the year of the beginning of recession. Climate often has a great impact on economy. especially on consumer's attitude for daily consumption. I experienced those two recessions here in Japan. I'm afraid that another one is creeping here.

Monday, April 30, 2018

I'm happy to find my young friend PK's paper accepted in the coming GECCO Kyoto this year. Congratulations! Some familiar names from Czech and Poland are on the list of papers. It is a great news. Unfortunately, my paper is not counted onto that this time; it must have been difficult to appeal to reviewers with bio-centric content and methodology in that pure AI audience. Anyway, I must go step forward to find some place of "a feather" this year.

Some of my colleagues have already exited from conferences and moved to journals and transactions for themselves. It is a way to go out. But, I don't follow such that way. I don't blame them, and understand their situations well. What I would like to do is to bring intelligent diversity in academia. I love conferences and journals both. These days, I feel chocked with papers which discuss too similar topics or problems to one another are assigned as review tasks and moreover and counted in the list of acceptance. A couple of years before, we could enjoy more papers of variety on challenging topics.

Are we in the time of anti-diversity?

Today is April 30th; tomorrow is May 1st, that is celebrated as Joseph, the Worker's Day as an optional memorial by Catholic Church since 1955. In my childhood, we enjoyed St. Joseph's feast in March only. Why on May 1st is that to be celebrated? I'm not familiar enough to understand the theology behind that additional memorial day. Therefore, I would behave as usual before the divine office in the Eastertide rite.

According to the catechism, Church is an eternal pilgrimage on the ground that is to be destined to travel with the Almighty until the Day of Days. She travels and changes as time passes gradually. But, nothing has been altered on the heavens under the foot of God. We are familiar with experience that it is often right to "keep things as usual in the classroom".

Should we retreat into a bid former position in the changing world?