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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I posted a note on holy water I always bring. I don't intentionally bring it with me, but just put a small bottle in my hand bag for travel. Since I got this at the Westminster Cathedral, interesting things develop coincidentally. When I take a seat behind somebody who sometimes goes away suddenly. In such a case, he or she looks very irritated at something. Yesterday, a man sat just before me shouted, "This weather makes me mad!", and went away from there. Meanwhile, some gentle elder ladies happened to approach me of curiosity and we had a nice chat for a while a couple of times. They said to me, "Just I'm curious of you". Some of them told me they noticed I was talking in Italian. I've never done it there and then. Does holy water pray itself in Italian? I have no idea.

In any case, they could not tell what the bottle in my bag is. Those things have never occurred before I got this small bottle. Holy water is served with water and salt under pray following the Catholic rite. Surely, this has its own Providence given by God.

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