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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inside a restaurant of the University's garden house, two ladies and a gentleman had a chat on yesterday huge rain that also small flooded around here. At the beginning of the rain I got disappointed at my choice of go-out on the day, though such an occasion lets me think in a different way when I saw many small streams changed into falls on a large scale. Yes, God created the world as it changes day by day. A sudden unwanted change improves the surface and we notice his grace and greatness. Picturesque scenery is admirable, however awesome nature shows the power that we cannot resist against it. I found a phrase in the restaurant in Windermere that says "happiness is health with a bad memory". You are right; a bad memory allows you to thank the Lord for his mercy with a gift to all of us. All we are tended to ignore this important fact. Yesterday's huge rain again lets me know it.

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