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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It turned a heavy rainy day, though it had been a bid cloudy this morning. I went out for washing my clothes at a self-laundry shop. Two-hour operation allowed me to visit the University's fine art institute that has a great number of medieval paintings collection. You can also find bronze by Dega and some portraits by Van Dych. Mostly I was not so impressed with the collection that loses somehow a primary concern on collection. They just put things in a chronic order. No topics cover it so that you can not find any analyses on it. But, it is free anyway; it's good to wait for dry-up of my clothes. Now, the sky gets a bid light; I will again go out for seeing its geology gallery. I have still time to see SH at his office this evening. Anyway, I have prepared for my tomorrow talk already. Just indulging self is sometimes good.

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