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Monday, July 30, 2012

In the world, many people raised strange questions on so-called superspiritual view points. You are easy to find such stupid concerns in the Internet. A representative is "Did you see a ghost in Auschwitz?". Don't you guys have much better interests on that sacred place for pilgrimage? My answer is "No", simply. I have never seen it there this time. It is the place for pray, but not for sightseeing. During you pray God, you don't have time to see such the superspiritual.

Not a ghost but a human is much more dangerous in reality. I am really disappointed to find those kinds of silly questions that are raised more often than serious ones. I hope you should respect the history and the death that place represents in our time. If you do so, you don't have time to worry about such strange views.

Actually, the generation of our time is gradually losing respect to life or death. The blue sky over the camps in Auschwitz surely lets you think why the crimes were committed in such a beautiful village. Flowers and forests surrounding you are amazing. But, at the site it was done. Natural beauty or the aesthetic sympathy to it had not worked to stop the cruelty. It is the problem. Probably, man-maid ideas or notions are powerless before the evil spirit. We must return to the Lord beyond all of us, because He created all of us. A simple answer to the above question is again: No. I didn't see any ghost, but I experienced and learned we are easy to get trapped in the "ghosts of Nazi" that is not the idea but the equivalent evil spirit.

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