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Monday, July 30, 2012

People don't like getting attacked in discussion. We call logical attack a critic. These days, students in universities hate to join in discussions even in class. Not just young generations but also the elder don't like it. I talked to my mother on the experience in Auschwitz (she was born before the second World War and escaped the USAF's mass-bombing to Kobe City). She finally refused to listen more to me on the topic. She argued to me everything is same with what she read in books and watched in programs and films. No. They are just records somebody made from their respective view points or notions. Reading something is based on a secondary source of fact finding. Watching it is the primary source of fact finding. We lawyers are trained to be sensitive to the difference. Maybe it is hard for her to follow what I mean. Also she doesn't like critic to others. But, critic to others means critic to yourself. That is the first step for science. We scientists are familiar with that attitude. In general, people educated or trained in Asian countries are not familiar with a critic or a scientific attitude. That is why students visiting Auschwitz from Japan are so naive that most of them don't try their own analyses on the crimes. Feelings are different from analyses that need critical and scientific mind. I hope people in Japan's higher education must be cautious about it.

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