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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I would add something enjoyable about my excursion to Poland. First, MK and his wife VK gave JDVS and me a ride of this trip from Ostrava. It took around two hours to Oswiecim, that is a very quiet village full of flowers and nice houses with restaurants. A bad news is you are easy to get caught by speeding, because the limit in the area is around 40 to 50 km per hour. You must keep the low limit always. But, this is reasonable in Poland, later I will show you in the last of this post.

From Ostrava to Oswiencim, we enjoyed very agricultural scenery with cones and oats. Sometimes, high hills have castles. From Oswiencim to Wadovice, the birth town of Beato John Paul P.P. II, it is a straight road in a local area. You may have some unpaved roads between them.

The town of Papa was very quiet in the afternoon on Saturday. The cathedral was very beautiful and looked a bid modern inside. Many Italian people came to pilgrimage the site in a group. Local people prayed together. I found the famous custard cream cake, Kremowki, that Papa loved in the youth. I asked two pieces. I proceeded them, but everybody was full after lunch (I skipped and later had two breads with water). They were so nice and scented brandy.

We then went to the salt cave; it took almost two hours. The town Wieliczka was full of roses. They scent very sweaty. Miners devoted their days off to excavation of many cave chapels. Illumination of the inside chapel is really marvelous. I heard it is just a salt cave, but it is not! It is a must see spot, if you go to Krakow. We bought amber as gifts there.

When we reached Krakow, it was almost nine o'clock. Vavel Castle was lighted up and the river was shiny. Streets were full of local people, because the day was the beginning of summer holiday. We enjoyed kazsenka (blood pudding) and vigo (Polish sauerkraut) with beer. A cheese with raspberry source was really tasty. We then enjoyed a walk to the old center and saw St. Maria Cathedral. young people enjoyed dancing some entered a fountain in the center of the old town. In the sky, lanterns flew on the top of the clock tower. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen.

It passed ten o'clock when we left the city. An incident happened in the return journey to Ostrava. We were very close to the border between two countries (no physical border now). A road of two lanes suddenly lost one due to construction. An automobile just before us stopped and drove back to us. Jesus! We checked the behind and moved back swiftly. A camping car approached us from before us. I felt everything was going very smoothly this time pilgrimage; I suspected anything might happen. Very last, it came out. Anyway, thanks a God, we escaped the danger and went back to Ostarava. It was 1:30 AM.

I really appreciate MK and BK for their kindness that allowed me to visit those great places. Hope they enjoyed the weekend in Olomouc.

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