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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I saw a hare back in return from a walk in a forest this morning. It is a beautiful day of blue sky. I encountered a jogger in the forest and admired it together. These months I can devote myself to writing and reading papers here thanks a God with friendly supports by people at VSB. I understand how Lord always extends great care to me, though I am not worth the gift from Him. Actually, I could not and cannot forgive those harassing me so long from Japan. However, I have made the mind to pray for God to forgive them herein; they should pay for what they have done and are doing by themselves. I never stop lawyers take charge of this incident to do whatever they would get my approval for. I just let them do as they would like to do. The outcome should be paid by those possessed by the evil under their free will. I just pray for God may forgive them. Holy Bible says, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's". We, lawyers, just bring things before the court that gives justice to what they have done and are doing in the school: no respect to the dead and the remaining family, slanders, humiliations to me.  We as humans just pray for God to forgive them. The two things are not contradictory to one another. And, at this time, I do not touch with the matter as a lawyer. Just my friends do at the office. All has been done; they shall see and pay it with their soul.

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