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Sunday, July 15, 2012

This afternoon, I went to the Greek Restaurant and asked a dish I would like to try since I found it: a fried duck liver. First, Madam made a face and brought a menu in Chesky and confirmed it. I was really excited during wait for that. I confess  I don't like duck, because everyday I had to eat it in Hong Kong. I hate oily dishes among them, duck is the worst. What she brought me finally was a very lightly fried duck liver that didn't have any smell. It tasted so nice! With a sidedish of grilled vegetables of the season, everything was harmonized. Just after asking an espresso, a gentleman behind me asked if I were from China. He got an email from Taipei on his iPhone. We talked a bid together about IT industries and new release of a Windows 8 installed tablet pc from Acer in Taiwan. It's a nice talk that let me know the average income in Ostrava and the economy of Czech.

It is rainy outside. In the return for home, I found me enjoy that rain and realized the reason of my feeling. I am happy here to be with people around me. I thank God, really.

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