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Sunday, May 15, 2016

I´m back from church, St. Henry´s Church where I enjoyed English and Latin mass. What is that? We sang Credo, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei and Itte misa est in Latin, and all hymns are sung in Latin. All other parts of the mass are serviced in English. Marvelous! Communicant kneel after Sanctus. I received Corpus Christi on the tongue at the position of genuflection. Half the communicants received it by hands. A very much good news is that it is Pentecost on the day of confirmation by Bishop of Helsinki! We celebrated the candidates of confirmation and received Corpus et Sanguine Chirsti, Sacred Body and Blood both today. The preach given by the bishop was impressive, I quote "Holy Spirit always comes into you baptized, but not into inside beautiful buildings of the church, just into your hearts through the good deeds. He doesn´t come and see you for you work hard to keep the covenants, and His coming into you is a gift from Holy Father through the sufferings and the resurrection of His only beloved and begotten Son, Jesus, our Lord. It is Gift from the Heavens." I end quote. I felt happy so much when leave the church after the mass.

I visited a museum, Design Forum, where I found wooden kits of Moomin figures. They are so lovely. I checked the same ones on price at several souvenir shops and supermarkets in the center of Helsinki; they sell them much higher than the price at Design Forum Museum. Holy Cow!

I found Moomin chocolate at a supermarket just across the street before the central station. That is nice for my coworkers. It´s getting warmer and warmer. Tomorrow I give a talk. After that, we move onto the City Hall for a mess. I´m happy to be here.

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