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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Today I saw a person who faced a difficulty whether he would sin to be impious to God otherwise to be disobedient to the superior. He has chosen the former sin with an excuse that he is obedient to the superior. He looked so irritated that he emphasized this against others who are obedient and pious to God as "The Disobedient". I pray for him that may God have mercy on him.

Today's Gospel is the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. What a strict word God gives him! He criticized the Pharisee who said to himself he was obedient to the rules because of his self-righteousness. Meanwhile, he himself did the same before the eyes of God. How miserable.

Anybody like this person who shows himself off and arrogates he is right against others often urges that he is obedient to "rules" which are bad rules obviously under the God's eyes. It is the snare of bureaucracy that lacks the golden rule of righteousness at all . If such that priest has fallen down into this snare, what kind of judgment should be given to him before the Lord's court after his death? Hope he should notice it soon before his end.

He should know this proverb. "One who avoids a battle against Evil falls down in shame; next he shall fall into both a second battle and another shame always".

And, who has a right to call anybody who obeys the more superior's orders over his superior precisely, meanwhile bishops are against them obviously? God eyes everybody into the heart.

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