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Monday, March 7, 2016

Recently I met a priest in Tokyo. He insisted in the preach at a mass that a certain fraternity or secret society is evil and it brings malice into church. He urged us for strong prayer against it.

Honestly, I'm very much worried about his state of mind and actually suspected on him that he might have a psychiatric disorder, let's say, schizophrenia.
First, even if such that occult organization were dangerous according to the church's theory, he should notice people of its danger and persuade them to stay away from it. That is all he should do as a normal grown-up. Why did he refer to it as an "evil"? For those belonging to such that cult, you should pray for them by the grace of God as they may return back to church. Is this guy really a priest? We should love one another; don't judge him or her out in your community. That is the Word of our Lord Jesus.

Second, don't bring any occult or irrational matters into preach that our kids may listen to. I definitely suspected that he might be insane, otherwise out of control due to dementia (this is my area of study, currently; actually his age fully reaches the stage of danger on this kind of disease).

Finally, the purpose of his preach seemed to me that everything bad occurring inside the Catholic Church, such as the ban of kneeling during holy communion, comes from such that secret society (maybe you are easy to imagine which cult or fraternity he mentioned. Is this guy a love of Hollywood films of a Harvard professor of simbolic something?).

His attitude and way of thinking is very much dangerous. He simply passes the buck into outside the Church. Who is responsible to what is happening inside the Church? It is the priest as the head in the parish! If you believe something wrong and bad has been done, you should make it straight. Why don't you say to bishops that the ban of kneeling is wrong?

Once I read the record of Inquisitio in the medieval ages; most of all evils or devils (of course they were so believed in that time) made the same rebukes before the court. "I have never ever gone into this woman for myself; she willingly invited me into herself!"

Actually, the Evil doesn't come into our hearts, and we ourselves invite them willingly, but we are awkward to open our hearts to Jesus, who is willingly to come into inside ourselves. That is the true story, therefore we pray: "Sed libera nos a malo".

That priest at a monastery invited the Evil through his deeds. Prayer never makes any sense without acts. He should have argued with bishops, instead of passing the buck to any occult tale. St. Maximillian Korbe, OFM, who devoted himself to the neighbor over the battle against Nazi, the true malice of occult, would surely feel sad to hear this; I felt so. Hope somebody inside the monastery bring him for taking a CT scan of his brain as soon as possible.

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