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Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning news reports that Japan's Buddhist societies asked for stopping Amazon.com to begin a delivery service of Buddhist monks in Japan. What is the delivery service? These days, Japan's Buddhists don't visit temples but for funeral ceremonies; they don't go to temple every week or even every month; maybe just a day for two to three years or so. They mostly go to Shinto shrines for pray on the new year day. That's all they do on their religions. They don't support temples, which are brink at falling down. Now Amazon begins to dispatch registered Buddhist monks (most of them are married and live home as laymen do.) to clients when they need some service for funeral and so on. Buddhist societies in Japan get furious about that service, because they lose money for those earned in funeral services inside temples and would be extinguished from Japan.
Religions have faced catastrophic crisis in this country; not only Catholic but also other traditional Japan's religions are tried over the fire of abyss.

Fr. Joseph often told me that a church is a part of our community as sinners. Peril prevails into inside our community, the religion of which is to lose its basis. I'm really worried about the future of our society.

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