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Sunday, November 29, 2015

I found two notices on the wall of a Catholic church under Japan's Jesuits in Tokyo: the ban of kneeling at mass and the cancel of confession. The former notice simply says that you don't kneel during the communion. You may expect to receive hostia on the tongue as standing. But you are rejected to do so, and ordered to receive with your hand. They are really sneaky. Maybe they don't believe the hostia has changed into Jesus' body. They have even removed ringing during the trans-substantiation. Finally, confession has been removed from sacraments. "Yes you are invited to confession rooms, but nobody hears of your confession, excuse me!"

That is the way of their ministry. Are they really Jesuits? Papa Francesco has never ordered to remove confession of the sacraments. Are they really Catholics? Are they really Christians? Inside and outside the church are messy. Inside the priest's voice through microphone didn't reach my ears due to kids' shouts and parents' chats. Outside a lot of shoppers sell cheap soaps, stationary goods, paper works on the street. Can't you believe this is the temple of our Lord? "My Father's house is not a marketplace." Haven't you read that everybody knows words of the Lord in the Bible? I'm very much disappointed at coming there on the first Sunday of the advent. Anyway, I would my best to keep peace in our church to combat against such those bad guys. The so-called Babylonian heresy has completely invaded into Japan through Tokyo Jesuits.

By the way, I almost burst into laugh during that priest's preach. He began to speak in English with strong accent. His preach was really redundant; again and again he recited "Jesus came and is coming! Jesus is coming every Advent!" Abruptly he shouted, "No hay problema! No hay problema! Ha arriva Jesus!" Everybody around me seemed to get lost in the midst of his preach. Almost all come from the Philippines. Who can tell Spanish? But he was a professor of a certain University's language department. I am really astonished at his way of preach.

Anyway, I am fed up with the roastbeef priests of Tokyo Jesuits.

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