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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One day, a woman and her kid came home to visit my mother. At that time she was out for something I didn't know about. At a glance of them, I suspected this woman should be a single mom.

My mother came back home and asked that woman. Then I told her on my suspicion. She said to me, "Why can you find her a single mom?" It's a very simple kind of professional wisdom of not a detective but a lawyer. That woman looked in the former twenties, and her kid did around seven to eight. She born her at the very early stage of life so that she was not so fully educated. They came to my house around the time of supper in the evening. If she had a husband, who should care of him on supper? In addition, that kid should be cared of by her husband around that time. Therefore, I definitely told that she must be a single mom.

My mother seemed to have got amazed of a "palm-teller" like inspiration on me. However it's not an inspiration or anything; that comes from experiences as a lawyer. A bad thing on this is that I can often read something on anybody in advance of dating or transactions. That's a kind of negative effects of lawyering.

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