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Thursday, February 19, 2015

I have just finished reading the Book of Changes, that is a famous and popular classic of Chinese philosophy. This book is often confused as a introduction to fortune telling in a Chinese style. It's not true. The main body of the book's author is believed an ancient sacred and mythological king almost four to five thousand years before in China. The remaining part of the book was mostly written by Confucius. The purpose of the book is to tell you the true reasons behind the changing world and show you with some directions that are favorable under the eyes of the Creator of the Heaven and the earth.

The principle behind the book is very simple; good ones gather for good purposes, and bad ones mingle together with lower desires. In the book, good ones are called saints, and bad ones are named the miserable.

The book shows sixty four patterns of human relations with the same number of symbolic figures with a positive icon and a negative icon. Short sentences describe meanings of the symbols. Those sentences are often believed to tell the future of people who consult the symbolic figures on their own lives. However, again the purpose of the book is to show how to live your life as a saint.

Even though there is no mention about the Almighty God or the Savor of men, the book is devoted to the purpose that is to tell how well you live according to the goodwill that comes from the heaven. And, furthermore, the book tells that you are not perfect in any time at the presence of the power of the Creator.

The book is very much instructive like the Old Testament, though these two are totally different from each other on a one point: there is no element that tells what is good. Without holy spirit that comes from the heaven, nobody can distinguish anything good before his or her eyes from bad things. Human has no wisdom to do so without help of God by his grace.

How can you find bad guys from the flock around you? First impression? Maybe. Where does it come out? It only comes down to you from the above. With your efforts? Maybe no. That is given to you by the grace. That's why fortne telling is not trustworthy.

Anyhow, it's nice to read some classics when you have time to do so. You are guided to find the true meanings of Bible through your reading of philosophy works. Therefore, I love reading.

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