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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Epiphany Sunday comes with great sorrow on the terrible assassin in France this year. Charlie Hebdo murder is full of devil's malice and hate towards humanity and civilization of the contemporary world.

Many divides among people such as income, education, religion may be referred to describe the backgrounds of the incident. However, those are just backgrounds that don't explain the trigger to the cruel savage acts. A single reason to have made it happen is hatred against society or community.

Hatred comes from envy; people envy others who have something different from selves. Envy originates out of pride that is what the Almighty God really hates. Without pride, difference can be acceptable to anybody, because it is God's order that He gives everything you need to you without any giving from you.

Those murders died not for any service to God but for their own pride.

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