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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I typed about my supernatural experience in Tokyo. I believe ever-lasting life not because of Christianity but because of simple belief since my childhood. I was natured in a Catholic school under the care of many sisters. Ever-lasting life is a simple concept in which I adore Christ Jesus. But, until then, I have never experienced its presence. Almost three weeks ago, my family had a funeral service for my family member. I've never felt sad like that in my life. A not a small good grief is that I could see him at the bedside and return his soul into the Hands of Jesus from my arms.

I brought him to a public cemetery site and came back home around the noon. It was a beautiful blue sky that made me much more depressed. When I was back home, I began to eat a left over of fish dried chips that he really loved and ate just two days before passing away. A sudden scent that was really nice approached me from the entrance hall. It stopped just a step before me and circled up to my back neck. Everybody around me smelled the marvelous flowerish scent and beamed me by eyes.

The scent was the same with what I brought into his coffin, that was special gift from a Kyoto's Buddhist high priest, Raitei Arima. I gave all for him. Nothing of them was left at home. He has come back home! All we realized and admired God, who kindly allowed him to say farewell to all of us, because he loves his own house and family. I really thank His grace by which we feel the ever-lasting life. Heaven really exists. Why not hell? Why shall we follow the Enemy to Christ?

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