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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I am reading "Exercices Spiritueles et documents contemporains" by St. Ignace de Loyola. I have stayed away from the book until now. There are some reasons for my hesitations to reading it. Jesuits receive a lot of different feelings among even the Church, furthermore outside the Church. St. Ignace looks like a pure soldier for Christ to me, but nor a priest living in a town like St. Phillippe Neri. He seems to me so far away from a priest. The title itself reads like a manual but not a book. Anyway, I decided to read it this time.

Beginning to read it, I found this is really good a book that I have lost a great chance to have for my life. It gives a swift answer that clarifies my long-time question how you can find Evil among various phenomena around you. "The Enemy", that is the word Ignace uses always to appoint Satan, "behaves like a woman" (sorry ... the Saint lives in the late medieval ages). "You should fight against it face to face as a man does against a woman. It would soon escape from a battle field like a woman. Otherwise, the enemy becomes raged and furious as you lose courage and turn back for retreat." Actually, what he says in the first week for the spiritual exercises is true. The Enemy behaves arrogant, though it is weak on the might. When you face it with dignity, it is easy to retreat. Because it has no truth in itself.

I am confident that I have battled against those people under the power of Satan after reading the passage that tells how to find the enemy or Satan. They are liars. They are born as criminals. They belong to Satan. Otherwise, you couldn't find any rational reason that they behave so much worse like literal liars.

When I first began to behave as a lawyer who has been ordered before God to protect the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of New York, that means I decide to crusade to vanish those Idol followers of that demonious university in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus, they have shown that they are liars in nature, finally. Those love harassing the just and telling lies to both inside and outside. Who cares of such hell goers from now on?

I really understand why God has made a lawyer of me and allotted me into among the liars under the power of the Enemy. It is crusade that our Lord asks me for myself. I finally realize that I should be gurded and guided to battle against those enemies wihout any mercy for their souls.

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