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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent has begun since yesterday, Ash Wednesday. The first devotion for the season was to serve as a psalmist and a lector at the same time. It happened because the night mass which I attended to had a small number of attendees. Anyway, I made a mistake! After I finished the psalm that was proper for the Ash Wednesday, I was confused at spotting the page of the apostle's letter and read aloud the title of Gospel. Alas! An acolyte noticed me on the mistake so that I returned the right page number of the liturgy. I really would like a pardon from the Lord. On the day, an organist was missing so that all we had to sing without any instrumental supports. Sometimes such the inconvenience happens, and hopefully not much. After fasting on the entire day, everything is clear before my eyes but for snowing in the morning today. Something is really strange on the weather this year.

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