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Monday, September 2, 2013

The saying that I talked about yesterday does not come from Bible. There are many assertions that it is quoted by Mother Teresa, St. Francs de Sare or somebody else. It is important that it does not come directly from Bible. "Bloom where you're planted". Can you really bloom there as you are? That is the question. At least, as a Sunday gardener, I obviously say that any plant can never bloom where they are planted improper. I have learnt it from my mother in my childhood.

She is a garden crazy. I hated her taste because it looked to me to waste time given by God. Plants can bloom without any hands from humans. Just let them stay where God plant them. That was my belief at that time. She planted a Kousa dogwood in the center of our backyard, that was the best place to put it according to her. That tree was honored for my successful admission to college. She expected the tree to symbolize my success as she hoped so. However, however, after one year, it did not bloom. The next year, that kinky tree did not even have a bulb. Just skipped to two to three years from then on, nothing happened to it. Finally, in the year of my graduation, the tree looked so barren. I began to work for the Government and soon realized that was the last place to stay in for my life. I left it. She looked really disappointed and pulled the poor tree. She casted it away in a very undesirable spot of a public place adjacent to our house. It was illegal to do so.  After half a year, that stubborn tree blossomed so many white flowers.

I moved to an American company and decided to go to the University of Chicago Law School. I was licensed to practice law in New York. We realized that anything should have a place to be planted for blooming. What happened to the government section that I worked for? It has been split into several sections and now accused of Fukushima Daiichi Nuc Plant's radio leak.

God gives you a chance to decide to be there or leave. It's up to you whether you listen to Him.

Lesson: Don't believe what is asserted to have come from Bible without evidence.

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