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Friday, September 20, 2013

My maternal grand mother was really humorous a lady. She was a lady. Actually, her mother-in-blood belongs to a family that uses the suffix, Lord. When I visited her, she always declared she would pass away on the day. My aunt began to cry every time she heard it. My grand mother checked her back and said to me, "My dear what would be served to you for dinner?". I really wanted to ask her, "Would you have time to care of it?".

She made a perfect schedule of leave from the world by herself. She declared her final date for passing one month before. The date she set for herself was the day of her real pass-away, the fifteenth of August, the Day of the dead in Japan. She really showed her dignity as a lady.

One of two aunts of hers had a strange sense. She could tell who should pass away among the family members. My mother really hated her presence in family meeting. In my kinship, only females are believed to have such a sense. I happened to inherit it in my blood. Oh, God, is that a kind of gift from you?

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