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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I eaves-dropped one woman's death around me this morning. I had not known it until I heard it, but I had guessed its happening. The shadow of death was apparently on her face six months before. All body parts are united into a body of a human being. Face is one of the most important parts among them. Impressions of a face tell you literally who the person before you is and shall be.

This is not my first time of such an experience. At eight years old, I first noticed the shadow of death on my grand uncle's face. He was really nice to me so that I was so sorry about knowing the fact. I have no idea why I could tell it, but I did it. A second time was in a court room. I met two criminals who committed the first class murder many times. I found the shadow on two of them. They were sentenced to capital punishment, finally.

Sometimes, there are facts that we should not like to know but can do; the shadow of death is such a kind of matter. Isn't there any good way to leave off the shadow? Yes, there is a very easy way to do it. What I assure you might sound absurd, but it is simple: Confess your sins to God and do something good for getting His pardon. I'm not kidding. I have seen the shadow of death disappear of a man who did confession and ask for His pardon and survive the trial from Evil One when I was in Israel at nineteen years old.

It's up to you; believe it or not. But, God is full of mercy. I believe so.

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