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Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn approaches here in Japan after huge rain! I miss several things that I cannot enjoy here.

First, tea! I miss the marvelous flavor of the green tea that is served at "Luk Yu tea house" in Central, Hong Kong. This Canton Style tea house serves very nice dim sum with various kinds of tea. I love the superior green tea that is served in the classic style of Chinese tea ceremony. Just behind the house, there is a museum of tea history that is the must-see for everybody who loves tea.

Second, I am very much crazy about the hamburger lunch set that Chinese University's Business School restaurant, that is just behind the University Station, the New Territories, Hong Kong. Its source is very rich that I have never expected to enjoy such a kind of fruity juice.

Third, I would like to have a chance to enjoy lunches and dinners in the Menza of Technical University of Ostrava, Czech. "Menza" means buffet for students, however its quality goes beyond what you may imagine. It is the true taste of family-style dishes in Czech. I really miss them!

Finally, British breakfast and tea! I really sorry for not having such a nice dish here in Japan ... Ah! I'm starving! I really come back there and eat the British breakfast! And, tea! I really love cream tea.

Don't blame me for just typing food only. It's autumn; who can tame a stomach?

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