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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why do you need God to be with you in your science research? Fr. Jackson cited Nietzsche and told me that humans would like to kill God in the hearts very often.

Science research demands God to be with you. This is my belief. Why? Scientists, I am a computer scientist in a mathematical topic, work independently alone and contribute to teams to which they belong at the same time in the contemporary laboratories. A team is organized with individuals who are expertise at something different from one another. If everybody brought something same as in commands or knowledge, it is not a professional team but an amateur circle. For being expertise at something, individual must be prepared in advance before joining in the team so that a team work demands them to independently study outside of the team. With the fruits of the study, they contribute to the team.

The problem exists behind the team theory. Who can watch what individuals perform independently? The code of ethics in universities or institutes? Reviewers? No. Everybody is too busy to find fallacy of others because he or she is also a scientist who commits to some researches. What else is necessary.

It is God that help us to watch ourselves out in the hearts. You cannot betray the Father Almighty because He knows everything in you in advance. In France, kids are always told by parents, "Holy Michale watches you!". Yeah, he does. And, we trust Him who can only allow us to follow His will.

Through the latest work, I have done hard work with HFL on the ant trail traffic flow prediction modeling. We checked our manuscript line by line over Skype, day by day. I really thank him and respect him. As far as I checked the paper and the results of statistics tests, I again and again prayed for Lord Jesus that the outcome of the simulations may not be wrong under Your eyes and that please allows us to publish this finding if Your will should be with us. We scientists can only prove that our findings are probabilistically correct. That means not 100% right but somehow 99.5% reliable based on statistics. We creatures by Him can just pray for that we are not doing wrong under His eyes. It is a pray.

I cannot but help praying for Lord always over my work, because I am a scientist.

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