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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I stepped down from the journal editorship last month. I made several critical mistakes when I launched the journal title. First, the title was too broad to include many topics so that I could not focus the range of prospective contributors.

Second, the editorial body was too big to manage by myself. I was inexperienced to handle this first task in my life so that I was awkward to do it within a small inner circle around me. The big editorial body can be too loose to be united for a single purpose that is to enhance the audience.

Third, I should have been mindful of the change of the publisher's mission that was merged by an American company and moved from Singapore to US just before my acceptance of the offer to serve as an editor. I had begun some works with the publisher when I was still a grad student in 2002. At that time, both the staff at the publisher and I were young and zealous to make something nice in academia. After the management changed the style of business, everything has become different. They began to publish the papers already included in journals again in books. So far so bad, academia gradually becomes suspicious about what they are doing. I was careless of the transition of the publisher in the wrong direction. I really know companies change always as a lawyer. This is a huge mistake on me. Furthermore, I gave a hand to them to commit such nasty plagiarisms performed by them; I allowed them to publish a book based on the journal title once. But, I would like to show my excuse here and now. I rejected to do so from then on.

Fourth, I was too young when I began to care of the task. I could not force anybody to take care of true associate editorship. Although I am identified the enneagram type 8 challenger, I cannot force anything authoritatively to those around me in science academia. I should have learnt some more before my step down from the task.

Finally, my study area has rapidly changed from decision science to more mathematical one that is collective biological systems study. I could not imagine this advancement because I had believed any scientist could not find and perform a new topic when he or she became over forty as many people said it to me in my grad student days. I lost the zeal to keep energy to be an editor finally, because being a researcher is the reason for me to live. Otherwise, I would have kept practicing law in the states.

People around me tried helping me on the journal title. But, the main problem is just simple: too late for all of us to do anything. I just thank all of them and hope soething nice can come out of this community near future.

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