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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Singaporean newspaper reports that a Japanese ambassador to the UN lost his temper and yelled in conference. He is reported to have used the word - shut up in a diplomat meeting in Geneva. I watched the scene in which he mentioned that improper word in YouTube. He said in the video stream, "Japan is not the middle age." No, Japan is in the elder already. Oops. He didn't seem to say anything like that. He would like to say, "the middle ages". The audience chuckled in the room. It does make sense. Who can blame them? This professional diplomat is a graduate of Harvard University with a higher degree and was a minister to the US. Can you believed the facts? His excuse is that he was trained in Russia so that he was more familiar with Russian to English. But, he have spend much more time in the States than in Russia. The Japanese Foreign Ministry should have recruited and trained much better persons. Otherwise, it is waste of tax of the nation.

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