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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Regarding the journal, IJOCI, its editorship has been a huge burden on me for these years; its publisher demands more articles to be included and I would like to keep a certain level of accomplishment of each paper that should go beyond a standard acceptable in academia. The publisher is an enterprise that has just a pecuniary interest. It is not an academic institute; actually much worse. It does not understand what is the paper to be accepted and published. Many of battles with it have annoyed me so that I have no intention to extend a second contract with it on the editorship. I have got old; it is a time to pass it out to a next generation. "One puts new wine into fresh wineskins", as Christ Jesus says it. My illness is a good leverage that lets everybody know time is changing. I hope my friends of associates on the editorship may find a good way to manage this problem. So God may help us. Amen.

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