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Friday, September 21, 2012

I've done all the things to do in UK; finally here in Portsmouth. I thank God who allows me to travel for one year from Italy, Korea, Alaska, Hong Kong, India, Macao, Czech Republic, Poland, and here to UK. Rome and Vatican was my dream to visit thereto since my childhood. I really wanted to be back to Czech, the land of my love. And, UK is the place I have never imagined to come. Everything comes out of Jesus' providence that is beyond my expectation. I thank God, I praise our Lord, Jesus Christ because He is the Almighty.

How nice his plan is! It is surpassing us far beyond what could be imagined. What a great gift His generosity provides us with!

Today, I have finished everything with my new friends. Hope something nice come out of our discussion for them. Amen.

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