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Monday, September 10, 2012

I often save breakfast in UK, especially English breakfast on the amount that I consume, because it is absolutely delicious all days. Its complete consumption should put me on the health risk. I have no idea why I got a heart attack. I always go to bed early after finishing a paper on the beginning of July.

I cannot find any other reason that causes this symptom but for harassment I am receiving from that school in Japan. I have already consulted a first-aid clinic of the New Tokyo Airport and prepared for everything that is necessary for my move from the aircraft to the clinic by myself.

Most companies and government offices in Tokyo take care of these stuff not by sick employees but by the personnel of those enterprises, because no help or support surely worries them with emplyees' accusation at Labor Courts or the authorities. But, I have done it; they in that school never extended any hands to me! They say, "Don't you cancel meetings and come back here?". But, they have never offered any support on it. Who should book a new flight? Who pays that? What happens to canceled pay? Who takes charge of those logistics things?

Anyway, I would hand things out to my Japanese lawyer friends on the matter. I have no need to care of them never ever.

It is very difficult to ask God for pardon on these sick guys. I had a talk with a Father on this. He assured me that we are human beings not perfect. Before the Lord's court, I would forgive them. But, at the Caesar's court, they must pay it.

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