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Monday, August 27, 2012

Today we enjoyed a great weather of completely nice sky. I walked out for the West Coast from Windermere. I went to a Roman fort relic and the Muncaster Castle. Very nice scenery waited all of us. I would definitely advise you to go out for not only ten lakes of the district but also those remote areas to see true beauty of the lake district.

Only a mistake on me was my visit to the haunted castle where I suddenly felt a strange atmosphere around the second floor. Before my visit, I have never known that was the notorious place due to its haunted room by Thomas Fool. My notice of bad feeling began during my ascend to a corridor inside the castle that leads a room named after King Henry from the dining. Actually, I felt a very strange feeling just in front of its wall that is just against the haunted tapestry room. A good thing was that I always bring holy water with me. I soon went outside and run into St. Maria Church that is located beside the castle, and I prayed with the holy water. I would like you not to approach this place with just a curiosity. My suggestion is quite negative to this site. I suspect some vicious atmosphere, anyhow.

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