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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The dinner I enjoyed last night was awesome! I've never expected such a great seafood restaurant here in Windermere. People in this county are very lucky to have it. I asked a soup of the day that was a green bean soup, a salad, a pig's cheek, and casserole. First, the soup tastes very creamy. Next, salad is what I expected to be so: very crispy and fresh. The pig's cheek is soft and juicy, furthermore very light! The casserole was really nice. A bid cheese-added flavor let me melt down just before a dessert. After the main course with apple cider, I had a talk with the madam and chose a vanilla-peer with an ice cream over a muscat dessert wine. It was a very fabulous dinner rather than I expected.

This bank holiday, I went out for the popular Beatrix Potter's hill-top house and her garden farm. I waited for pick-up, but the driver guy came twenty minutes past the appointment time. In addition, the car he drove lost a window on the backside and I found many pieces of glass on the floor. I enjoyed an hour seeing inside Mrs Potter's estate that was amazing as I red her tales on Peter Rabbit in my childhood. If you belong to generations who enjoyed her stories, this is a place to come absolutely. It was a heavy rainy day so that everything inside her garden looked greenery as it were at her living time. I went on to her gallery that had a great number of her original sketches and first printed pictures of her books. A pity is that I had no time to see them well enough.

A very nice news is that a driver was switched from that hecky guy to a very nice gentleman, John. John was really knowledgeable of the Lake District history. Thanks a his guide, I finally understood the history of this area between England and Scotland. I could see some great falls that were really awesome due to an exceptionally heavy rain. They were just marvelous. I thank God to bring this nice John and bad weather that let me know the truth of this land. In Kendal, I found a nice restaurant and asked an afternoon tea set. A scorn and clotted cream, specially the latter, was really tasty. I asked the remaining to be packed for my dinner.

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