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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yesterday, I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oswiecim, Poland. The day of the visit would be memorized during my remaining life. My primary purpose was to pilgrimage the site of the martyr, Franciscan father St. Maximillian Maria Kolbe who is the person established a seminary in Nagasaki of Japan before the second World War. To do it is another pilgrimage to homage Beato John Paul P.P. II. In front of the candle Papa decorated for the Saint in the underground cell No. 18 that smells scary even now, I vowed to pray with a rosary Sister Celine gave me in my youth. How deeply the Saint would like to pray with his own rosary, I guessed so. I was really moved during the pray. I hope a small bouquet I brought there may also ease the souls under the mercy of the Lord.

In my blog, you may find a one photo inside the site; I was difficult to see the belongings to the victims and to stand before the sites of the ends without pray God. They are speaking out, still. Only a way to realize the place is to come and listen to them. I have no words or pictures to show you. It is beyond my ability.

When you see the wall of shooting sentence in Auschwitz, I ask you to remember the brave shown by the victims resisted against Nazi even inside the hell. Humans can keep dignity under the situation; they have shown it. Even if they failed to escape, they are the hope of all of us. In the hopeless situation, 150 or better people made successful escape from the hell. A point I have to raise is the Nazi randomly killed a ten times number of innocent people due to those escapes and resistance. St. Maximillian Maria bravely took the poison, though he was not chosen for starving death sentence. Please remember the wall is not a place of killing. It is the place of homage of resistance. Hope you may show your respect to the souls marched to the Heaven.

Auschwitz may have exhausted many people to give up a chance to see Birkenau; I don't blame them because even an grown up and lawyer who has a kind of mental defense against crimes feel the stomach demand vomiting. But, I would encourage you to see Birkenau, because the truth of the killing is there. A complete killing plan from the entrance of the place to the end of a pond that consumed all ashes of the victims. Can you imagine you have to stand on in a pack for many hours without shelter under the Sun at 33 to 36 degrees Celsius, that means 98 F in summer. It goes down minus 20 C, -4F in winter. It was 33C around 92F, when I visited there. It has been already too hot without a bottle of water or an umbrella. Wooden barracks have many holes on the roofs and cracks in the walls. No stoves. Precisely speaking, you can see stoves and chimneys that had never been fueled. Just for humiliation to the victims.

To humiliate and kill the victims. That is what the Nazi and the bystanders have done.

All I have learnt therein is what Nazi and the committed to the crimes did at the horrible site is still going on in the various forms of daily lives even now. Nazi organized a torture system that divides "prisoners" (they are not who the term should mean at all) and involves hierarchical ranks in their organization and control. The SS never touched the dirty parts of prison management and forced prisoners to torture inferior-ranked cell mates. If you put it straight in your daily life, you are easy to find a mini Auschwitz-Birkenau around yourself. In schools, working place, even home, those evils of clean hands let others do malicious deeds against somebody who is different from them. And, most of them don't try to point out that is wrong or against the God's will.

Since this June, the bully killing (no, killings!) in schools is a hot topic on TV programs in Japan. The finding began with a daemonious incident in Otsu City of West Japan, and other similar cases go on in Osaka, Tokyo, many cities around the country in both urban and rural areas. It is an on-going Auschwitz we are making by ourselves.

Not only school kids also teachers, office workers or even professors in universities committed such crimes inside the communities. I definitely stamp the recent development around me in Japan is one of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The scale doesn't matter. We lawyers should not allow them to do such the cruelty against human rights. I never allow me to be a bystander. I will fight against Satan and such the evils. That is the justice we have to bring to show how we have to follow the Rule of the Lord.

God may bring me there to show what I have to do now. After visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, I went to Wadowice, the birthplace of Beato John Paul P.P. II. Unfortunately, his family’s room was closed due to restoration (I took a photo of a wrong place), however you can see him. Inside the Cathedral just across a small street in front of his flat, a small chamber is dedicated to him with his relics. You have many things to see and remember him; a chair he sat on the day of return to his home town, rosary, etc. I could not see him again during the papacy, but I finally met him again there. I was really happy to be there. One more thing is I felt the soul of Sister Celine helped me visit there. She really respected Papa, but she could not come there during her life. I really thank God to allow me to pilgrimage there with her rosary.

After then, I moved to another place Papa often visited. It was a salt cave church. He often visited there and now it has become a site of pilgrimage. I consider this one year since last September is a series of pilgrimage that the Lord allows me with his love. I often felt sad and experienced humiliations, but now completely understand He orders me: Fight against the Evil and Satan with PRAY. He gives me a command: lawyering and friends.

We are a troop of God. I pray, fight with them. The Book of Judges 9:38. 

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