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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I met a gentleman in the forest this late afternoon. I saw him humming beautifully on a bench and stepped aside behind him to go deep in the forest. After having enjoying a dinner in the forest, I came down to the path where I met him. We saluted each other. He asked me if I could speak in Chesky. I told him that I know just three words or some. He assured me with his side on the bench. We enjoyed the beautiful sky and the green field together.

During our talk, we noticed both of us belong to the Catholic. His daughter saye3d in Warsaw, where young people devote their pray to our Lord. We prayed together and thank God. This is a wonderful gift of the Lord. His providentia is beyond our exportation. I picked some flowers for tomorrow; I will pilgrimage the memorable place of Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe.

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