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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a couple minutes ago, I went out for a walk after shower rain. I met a large dog that rushed from a forest to a bus street. He (She?) hid behind a car parked nearby. After a while, a young lady run out of the forest and yelled to the street. That dog was still silent behind the car. I pointed out the car for her. She found that dog and hit him/her on the hip. You need a kind of discipline to protect dogs from traffic. But, maybe that dog had a reason to run out. I saw them walk together on a campus road before this scene. That dog looked gentry, but the lady didn't look happy, though she walked with her friend. Dogs are animals, though they have feeling and reasons to do something. We would like to be open for their voices, I really think so.

My dog Happy is a bid unique dog that loves a variety of original plays. When he just came to my house, he found me wipe a floor with a mop and suddenly bit it. I kept going on floor sweep and let him do as he liked. I noticed a wet line on the floor behind swept portions. That line originated directly from between his legs. I could not scold him and really burst into a laugh. He did not intentionally such a failure. Just he wet himself unintentionally. He looked really like a cute squid. After that, he rushed to me whenever I asked him if he would like to play the "squid". Now, he is fifteen years old. It is not the age he can hang after the mop. But, sometimes he shows a lovely look as if he would like to do it while I take a mop.
I hope that young lady has a chance to remember the time she played with her dog that came to her house as a small angel. It is a gift only given to you on the Earth and to the dog, vice versa.

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