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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I met again that dog with its master lady in the forest. This time the dog enjoyed run around there and that young lade looked happy talking with her friend. This scene made me feel really nice.

I saw a hare and a fawn again just before and soon after we met them. First, I found a hare that ducked under a tree and gazed at me. The hare was yellow brown and had white spots on the back. I have never seen such a kind of hare until then. I stop before it, but the hare did not escape from me. Then I asked it to have anything wrong. It dashed in a bush suddenly. Next, I found a berry that looked good to eat and bowed to pick it on a return path to the campus. I raised up my head and found the fawn frightened to jump up. It was just two to three meters between us. I am really sorry to frighten them.

Huge rain made them hungry the day before yesterday. Probably they came close to a bush full of berries like me. Actually, berries I ate today were all sweet rather than previous ones I picked. Hope they could come back to enjoy them.

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