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Monday, June 11, 2012

I've just finished classifying litterateurs associated with quorum sensing that is involved in the decision making of bacteria, ants and honey bees. I found so small a number of papers written by a couple of groups on ants, though bacterium's QS model has attracted many people. A simple reason is QS of Bacteria is easy to implement in the form of algorithm; they use pheromone-like chemical compound for their interactions between individuals. Quite similar to the ant colony optimization it is. Hmmm... I also found a bad guy using Bacterium's quorum sensing for designing a vicious worm-bot. Bacterium's QS allows such the bot to easily diffuse itself deep into various nodes on line as if bacteria move and avoid collision with others. Ants show somehow different a way of use on QS mechanism. That's why I am interested in it.

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