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Monday, June 11, 2012

I need pray in Church; this is the time of battle against the evil. Unfortunately, only a Catholic church around here is often closed on the door. That is newly founded in 1997 after the revolution of 1989. Yesterday, Sunday, it was closed around 17:00. A young parent with a baby and a dog stood before the door soaked in rain. Probably, Father might have an urgent duty for sacrament.

Now, I am away from Japan. That country is full of temptations from the evil that becomes daily strong enough to corrupt even academia. Especially, universities once ruled by communists are so awful, still now. They ignore the good and destroy the future of the young, just making turmoils inside the faculty with menace. We have to pray for the help and guide by Lord and follow Archangel Michael. To battle with the evil is so devastating, but we must do it.

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