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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After visiting Chesky Krumlov, I moved to Prague. I stayed at Andel's Hotel Prague (don't confuse this with Hotel Andel). This hotel is newly renovated one. This designer's hotel is stylish and modern. The price for stay is quite reasonable. They serve very nice breakfast. At the underground level, you may find a hair salon, where I asked for hair cut and set this time. That was a nice experience. If you want to go to barber, you need to know this magic Chesky word, "ridnout" (thin out, r is a Chesky r; I mean Dvorak's r).
I rode on trum and metro. Everything has become clean and comfortable much more than I was here twenty one years before. Chesk lunguage has become a bid frank from that time even in announcement on the train. People are as nice as their previous generation was so. Buildings have become much colorful. Walls have been cleaned from dark by coal dusts in winter. Oh! Everything has improved very much. I was so happy to find this. I thank God for allowing me to get back here finally.
A night concert at St. Miklavz (Nicholas) was great. A list of music is Handel's water play, Pachelbel's cannon, J.S. Bach's Air D Major, Mozart's Adajo, Dvorak's From the new world and Ravel's Bolero. Four violins and one violla with two contra basses and a piccolo trumpet. They are members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. It was an amazing one hour. Inside a baroque church, you can enjoy nice music. I have really come back to Czech; I felt it at the night.

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