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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just now, I'm emailing in a BA lounge at Terminal 3 of Heathrow. Through a horizontal window, the Gov't of Japan's Aircraft parks after bringing Japan's Emperor and Empress to the UK for their visit to Buckingham Palace for taking part in the Queen's diamond jubilee. I first got close to that special flyer. My flight in BA's One World Club is just nice; I've never enjoyed business trip like this in any other carriers. Crews are friendly and knowledgeable. Selection of wine and drinks is well prepared and satisfies a variety of needs. One of the most fantastic findings on me is that dishes were great. Green asparagus and Hollandies source were very classy and well matched Chabri premier. A cheese cake was also indulging me so much. Who said to me, "Hey Hide, Don't go to the Hell of Dishes. That is the UK". I never trust this kind of wrong advices anymore. Ajith, you were right; this is a good place to live in. I might live in the Kingdom near future. After enjoying complimentary relaxation that BA offers to its passengers, I am organizing my trip to Czech. It is almost twenty one years when I left that beautiful country of the living medieval history. I am really excited to see my old friends in Prague. Oh! Finally I have come here back to the place that I really love so much!

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