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Friday, May 18, 2012

Have settled down in Ostrava. My hotel is located quite close to the Faculty's main building. Everything is well organized around it. Another greenery campus is again before my eyes as I enjoyed the Chinese Univ's Shatin Campus. The scene of a golden plain through the propeller's window I enjoyed this noon has never disappointed me on the ground this afternoon. I am finally back to Czech, the Land of my heart. It is twenty one years after I left here. Oat grains are shiny beside a road lane. I am in the middle of the late winter. This is the beginning of spring in Eastern Czech. After finishing some paper assignment and other logistics, I went out to find a place to eat. A pub's lady kindly let me know where to go. She spoke in Czech; most words are difficult to understand, but some are still in my memory. It was easy to find that cafeteria. Just a five minute walk from the corner of the Campus brings you to the place. At  the small cafeteria, dark inside. A trout was my choice for this dinner with fried cubic cut potatoes. Yes, this is it to be the starter when you are back to this country. I really understand I always wanted to come back here. I really thank God who always gives us a surprise gift like this.

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