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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have got a notice of rejection from an IEEE symposium to a paper I submitted last December. Its notice email was sent to me two days to the prospective date of notification. Does this mean the paper was so depreciated among them? No scores, two of three reviewers wrote almost same things in different expression. Hmmm ... I emailed to the pc chair and asked him for the reason of rejection. No reply. A third reviewer says, "The is no good ... ... to accept this paper. It is difficult to read". Hey! Your own review is difficult to read. I've never got this kind of heck review in my life from IEEE crowned conferences. Maybe, it was a bad place to write papers.

Also, one of conferences sent me a letter of acceptance last week even after I dropped my submission from their system for review before the process began. I emailed them to point it out, and they apologized their confusion. But, this week, again they sent me an email of camera ready instructions. What's going in the States? Both conferences are supported by IEEE or NSF and their venues are very well-known universities, actually within top ten schools. Jesus! You guys must behave well as trusted in the world. Otherwise, people go out of the States to pursue academic career.

These happenings let me appreciate that I am here in Hong Kong; Europe is in snow and strikes and US is in intellectual turmoil. Where else can I go to research? Oh, I really thank God for his mercy on me.

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  1. Just now, I have got an email response from the PC chair of the latter conference. He kindly explaines that our paper is expected to fit in other conferences of more proper concerns. I really appreciate him for this gently and sincere care of our contacnt with him. Thank God, we still have nice people in academia.


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