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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It has turned to Summer! Really warm, today. I walked for an hour around a park and a stadium near my hotel. Although weather becomes nice, I have never anticipated a disaster. This noon, I asked a Shanghai Soup Noodle in a menu at a cafeteria, which was not a typical Shanghai cuisine. It is a kind of Cantonese Style after Shanghai cuisine. This is a small disappointment today. Next, this is worse than that fake Shanghai cuisine. Again, I went to enjoy dinner at the same cafeteria. I asked sweet meat and egg plants, and a fried fish. The latter put me on a dump. The reason is simple. Born! That small born is torturing me on the throat. Ah! It was a huge mistake to have chosen this on the list. I would not like to have pork so that I tried this one. Fish is sometimes risky to consume in safe.

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