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Monday, December 26, 2011

You have not a small number of choices for your dinner here, "if" you can speak Cantonese "and" your stomach is strong enough for the hygiene at restaurants. I tried to learn Cantonese until last month, but now I raised a white flag to its toughness to manage. And, most of local dishes are very oily. I literally mean it. Among those dishes hard to eat, I found some nice things to enjoy. One is a Japanese style of Italian restaurant, Saizeriya, that offers Japanese-taste Italian dishes like pasta in very reasonable cost. I almost always, actually everyday go there to eat. A small bowl of salad with soup, a stake of hamburg with warm vegetables, and a side dish of rice don't go up to US $9. This is amazing. Another option is to go out for dinner and enjoy local dishes. Whenever I go to Chinese restaurants, I go to Shanghai cuisine that is not so hot or spicy, just mild and tasty. Otherwise, I go to Yangzhou cuisine, that is an origin of the famous Man-Han all dishes or Chinese Palace Cuisine. In this school of dish, a Chinese hamburger is my favorite one that is a mixture of minced pork and vegetables. Very tasty. Without these kinds of nice dishes, I cannot survive this stressful place to live.

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