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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today, I went to the Baptist Hospital due to high fever with sore throat for almost two weeks. Doctor told me this is a kind of flu. Wait a minute, I had got anti-flu injection there at the same hospital. What a hell is going on me with the precaution?  Anyway, I found a huge number of tablets he gave me. They work very well on me. After four-hour sleep, I felt better than morning. Hmmm ... I often see doctor after travel abroad. Almost every case is throat related pain. Talk in audience is fun but somehow pressure to body. Especially, the over-night flight from Mumbai to Bangkok was tough to handle with. In the Bangkok Airport, they kept very low in temperature inside the buildings even though it was 24 degrees Celsius. It's not good to environments on Earth. Save energy and keep healthy. I really urge people in South East Asia to concern about their style of life that destroys not only health but also Earth.

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