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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tomorrow, I move from my current hotel to other place for long stay here in Hong Kong. I really appreciate people here and around this hotel; they are very nice and helpful to me in need. Only a small problem is just high rent fee around here. I've never expected that it is too expensive to live in this area among Hong Kong locals. Dean of the Faculty is really right with his advice to me about my requests: the best and safest area in Hong Kong. Yes, here is the place of quality. Everything was fine but for the space of a room in the hotel. You cannot live up with 12,000 dollars a month in a reasonable size of room here.

That is why I must move for the north area that is quite far away from the center of the island. Anyhow I found a very nice room of quality management with a small kitchen and a huge refrigerator. Its network service is really reliable as is house-keeping service. You can enjoy many eating places and JUSCO, a popular supermarket of Japanese supplies. Everything is available in reasonable prices. One of the happiest things I can enjoy there is the quality of out-air. Even though it is close to the border, still you can enjoy much better quality of air. And, the environment is quiet with the biggest park with a police station. If this place were not safe, you should sue the local government.

I am finally recovering from severe diarrhea after consulting with Dr Au at the Baptist Hospital. He is really helpful to me with his nurse staff. The pharmacy is very knowledgeable. Its fee is reasonable as a private hospital. Thanks a God, I found many nice people around me here. I may miss those around me here, but for the room. Anyway, I am moving out for a new town tomorrow!

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