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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today, I must go out to Central by noon. Subways are always crowdy as are in New York or Tokyo. But, a good news is that late-autumn air is somehow eases inside trains and lets me feel better even in such situation. You are easy to find who just comes here for short stay or works for long term in this fall beginning. Just look at their pants; short ones mean the just-arrived, and long ones do locals. Very easy to find it out, shortly.

After a couple of business, I went to a hotel lounge for late lunch and a little bid work over my task with HFL. It was a bid early for high tea, but a lady at the lounge was kind to find a table for me, that faces a huge window for the Bay. A gentleman there brought me a newspaper in Japanese: Asahi. I have no idea why every hotel brings me the same brand, however it's just good to kill time for waiting some. Anyway, after getting a tip from him, I made a mind to enjoy a huge late lunch, that is High Tea but not just afternoon tea. At first, the blend of Chinese tea with dry orange pieces allowed me to get relaxed. I prefer this one to Four Season's, that is also great. A cucumber sandwich is not a sandwich but a hot-dog style. All cucumbers have lost their original shape to be cut into very small pieces. Is that novel cuisine Americana? It is tasty, but really funny to me (sorry to say this). Other warms and sandwiches are nice: egg cream is great in a hot-dog, especially Madeline was really great! It was just baked after my order; Can you believe this? Amazing! Scones are good, but ones in the Peninsula may be better. The difference from others is jam! Awesome! That is rose strawberry jam. I really respect this blender. You should go there to enjoy this. Where is that? It is in Mandarin Oriental Hotel: Clipper Lounge. Cheese Cake is also great! Another gentleman insisted me to choose this, because I at first avoided this one, because it must be a bad idea to such one before dinner. I was wrong you should go there and try it; it is really really true a cheese cake as you can enjoy in Paris.

In my opinion, Clipper is better than Four Season's lounge with this Cheese Cake and Tea. The latter one is superb with its atmosphere and sandwiches. Only about scones, the Peninsula is nice, where you cannot enjoy the quality of English tea, though I tried classic afternoon of Peninsula special. They don't know when you should add hot water in a pot after it becomes empty.

Whenever I need to refresh my mind, I go to enjoy afternoon or high tea as I enjoy one-person tea party at home in Kyoto, Japan. I found all what I need is not tea ceremony, but just tea itself finally. Wherever I can find tea of good quality, I can stay there for long time or ever. Might be.

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