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Friday, July 28, 2017

I have completed install and setting of Theano using Miniconda for the use of gpu computation on Windows 10 x64 platform, finally. First, I installed Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 5 via network. Second, I downloaded CUDA Toolkit 7.5 for x64 on Win 10. I checked the gpu computation and its performance. Third, I got Miniconda2 for Python 2.7 installation, and made an environment for Python 3.6. Finally, I installed Theano 0.9 and Keras 2.0.

The point to install them as in a nutshell is that you need to put a right path for Visual C++ version 12 for Windows System and setting files for Theano and Keras in a proper directory respectively.

I really hate Windows download site and NVIDA's distribution site, that are  really bad services; they often went down and made me mad.

Anyway, I'm enjoying GridSearch for deep learning. Not happy, but exhausted, simply...

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