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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Two days ago, the Pontiff said "the confessors should not hesitate to referring their penitents to exorcists if they suspect demonic activity at work only after psychological counsel". It is the very suitable preach in the midst of Lent. I'm a scientist inside a governmental institute, though I am not against the existence of some supernatural situations or events on the glove as a christian. It might come from my experiences as a lawyer before courts and on streets. Not a small number of cases that I have experienced include very difficult situations I could not understand: why does this guy commit such that crazy deed by his or her hands? I cannot exclude supernatural existence from reasons behind such strange cases through my experiences.

Confession is not a work of psychological counseling but the mysterium in the power of divinity or blessings by Christ Jesus. Today many priests are confused on that importance and meanings of the mysterium, that is the power of "faith" in God. Confession is the evangelical sacrament in the Church, but priests in the contemporary church look very much awkward to that sacarament. Why? Because they don't want to be invloved in spiritual matters, though they have been ordained in the sacrament or blessing by God. Congession is the only arms to battle against the Enemy of God. This season is the Lent. All in the Church should reconsider that meanings.

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